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Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester


Complete and Sign your E-Waivers here..................

SPLATKIDZ E-Waiver form




Splatkidz Paintball & Lasertag



Splatkidz Paintball & Lasertag treats the Health and Safety of all participants as a priority. As with any sport/leisure activity there are hazards associated with paintball and lasertag. It is important for the safety of everyone taking part that each participant is acquainted with those hazards and individually takes all relevant action to minimise those hazards as much as possible.


I understand that:


  • Paintballing & Lasertag are physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion to play.

  • The possibility of injury to myself and others exists.

  • The playing area has varying terrain and may be slippery and have many trip hazards

  • There is the possibility of fallen tree debris.

  • Goggles must be warn at all times unless instructed by a marshal (unless in the Safe Area) (Paintball Only)

  • Paintballs can cause bruising and/or cut the skin (Paintball Only)

  • All participants must wear Long sleeves and trousers (Paintball Only)

  • No markers/guns are allowed in the safe area (Paintball Only)

  • No physical contact is allowed between participants

  • Any participants who are clearly affected by drink or drugs will not be allowed to participate.

  • Cars are parked in the car park at owners own risk.

  • Splatkidz will not accept responsibility for valuables lost or damaged at any Splatkidz venues.

  • All children must be supervised by a Parent or Organiser at all times.


I confirm and agree that:


  • I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in playing Paintball/ Lasertag.

  • I have no medical condition that would prevent me from playing.

  • I have no pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by participating in Paintball / Lasertag (This would include high blood pressure, epilepsy, back problems, neck problems, or any heart condition, or pregnancy).

  • (Please make the game manager aware if you use an inhaler or any other medical aid)

  • I am fully aware of the risk to myself and others involved in playing Paintball/ Lasertag and I will never under any circumstances deliberately shoot anyone in the face, head or neck (Paintball Only).

  • I will wear goggles and not remove them whilst in the playing area. (This includes all areas except the safe area) (Paintball Only)

  • I will comply with the rules and use all equipment as instructed and not so as to injure or hurt others.

  • I will obey all instructions from the game manager/site marshals.

  • I will not shoot another player within 25 feet/8 meters (Paintball Only)

  • I will pay any charges incurred before leaving the site.

  • I also agree to pay any administration charges, which might occur as a result of credit card payments being declined.

  • I will only use paintballs supplied by Splatkidz Paintball (Paintball Only)


COVID19 Waiver and release of liability:


  • I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, I:

  • Have not shown any symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days. According to the NHS and Gov.UK, below are the main symptoms:

    • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

    • New, continuous cough

    • High temperature

  • Have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or shown any of the above symptoms in the past 14 days

  • Have worn a protective mask when in public situations where social distancing is not consistently possible

  • Understand I could be a carrier of Covid-19 and be asymptomatic

  • Understand that I could contract Covid-19 from an asymptomatic person at Splatkidz or from a contaminated surface at our facility.

  • Am fully aware of Splatkidz’ COVID-19 policies (available on our website) to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and agree to follow these rules and procedures

  • Agree to inform Splatkidz immediately if I have developed symptoms within a two week period of being inside the facility, or if I have learned that I have been in direct contact with someone who has later tested positive for Covid-19 within the same two week period or travelled in the last 14 days to a Covid-19 risk area

  • Agree to inform Splatkidz of any allergies that I may have to cleaning products, PPE or similar that may be used at this time and may adversely affect my health 

  • Agree that my data provided on this form can be used to contact me if I have been in a booking with a person that has developed symptoms or has been in direct contact with somebody who has later tested positive for Covid-19

  • Understand that if I wilfully and intentionally violate the stated COVID-19 policies at our facility, Splatkidz has the right to immediately remove me from the game and suspend me from attending any future bookings, without a refund

  • Agree to inform Splatkidz immediately if I learn that any of the above information changes or I obtain new information



I have read and fully understood this agreement. I am aware that by signing this agreement I acknowledge and accept the inherent risk of injury that Paintball/ Lasertag entails and I waive any claim that may results from my participation in Paintball/ Lasertag games.


I will listen to the safety briefing and ask questions if necessary to ensure I understand it fully.   

*Players under 18 must have this form signed by a parent or guardian or organiser - confirming that  you have read and fully understood this agreement and will listen to the safety briefing and site rules and ask questions if necessary to ensure you understand them fully.  If the form is signed by the organiser, you confirm that you have the permission of the parents or guardian of those named to partake in paintball or laser games. 


*Please note that at least one parent /organiser of the booking must be in attendance to supervise their group at all times.

Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
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