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Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester


Laser Frequently Asked Questions​



What should the kids wear?

We advise children to wear outdoor appropriate clothing with long sleeves and footwear for sporting activities (i.e. trainers!)


Are there any extra costs on the day?

No! We provide all the necessary equipment needed for a great party!


What happens if we can't find your site?

In our ABOUT US section we have provided accurate addresses & directions! If you're worried about finding us, please give us a call!


Is it like Indoor LaserTag?

Many kids have played indoor and outdoor LaserTag, however our system really is something totally new.  Our Laser guns are a state of the art design, and can be fully programmed to replicate a wide range of weapon types.  Coupled with the realistic recoil action, and amazing sound effects, the system is super accurate and intelligent, so can tell if you've taken 'splash damage' by being too close to a team mate who was taken out.  It really is like playing a live action, immersive video game, but in the outdoors, and at the end of each game everyone gets to know all their stats!


How old does my child need to be to play Lasertag?

Kids need to be a minimum age of 6 on the day of your booking.


Can adults join in?

Absolutely!  Lasertag is great fun, and can be enjoyed by adults and kids.

What happens if it rains on my booking date?

We continue with all booking even if there's light showers, and we have a covered area for spectators and for the kids to sit in between games.  However, in the event of heavy rain or high winds we will contact you to re-schedule for obvious Health & Safety reasons.

Do you provide food & drinks?

No we don't provide food or drinks, but we are happy for you to bring your own food, drinks or snacks.  We allow approx 40 mins after each booking to allow you to have a birthday cake, snacks etc.


Do you offer parties midweek during school holidays?

Yes we do, and if you need any information, please call us on  07710 760176.

Can we just turn up and play with other people?

No, Splatkidz is an exclusive hire venue, which means when you make your booking you have the arena to yourselves.

What time are your booking slotse?

Our booking slots are at 10am, 1pm and during spring/summer after daylight saving we also offer a 4pm slot.

Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
Splat! Kids Pantball Parties Colchester
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